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house w.s.s.
at OFA. Three clients commissioned a holiday home in St. Anton with three apartments of the same size. Building regulations dictated that the top storey apartment should be slimmer than those below. A cantilevered design which floats above the garage ensured the floor area remained the same size as the apartments below and also created a more dynamic solution to the brief.

valdonica villas
Two villas were created as holiday homes: Living, cooking and dining takes place in an open modern space on the ground floor. Above, three stone cottages each include one bedroom plus bathroom. They are reminiscent of traditional cottages found in the Maremma, Tuscany, the location of the villas. From the back these cottages integrate well in the landscape as the modern ground floor can only be experienced from the front.

villa w.
at OFA. This house sits on a sheer slope with marvellous mountain views. The client requires two studios within the building to be rented out in order to fund the investment. Both studios are entered from the outside of the building. The client's apartment features a loft-style space and a long staircase which runs through the house into the lower levels with the bedrooms.

tugstein housing
at OFA Innsbruck. Development of a block of nine flats with an expense of 60 to 100 sqm in Dornbirn. The plot is situated on a sloping hill. The arrangement of the apartment levels creates 'terracing' down the south-facing slope and allows large deck areas for the tenants.

turm villa
Project at OFA. A family home in the chicest neighbourhood of Innsbruck on a sloping plot with an incredible view over the city. A lift in the building allows a direct connection from the garage to the bedroom in the penthouse. Open floor plans on the living level and generous individual rooms on the level above.

house s.
Project at OFA. A house from the fifties in a very sought after part of Vienna was commissioned to be altered and extended with an upper level. The design removes 'unnecessary' walls to create open-plan living. The roof above the dining area retracts to reveal the sky. A generous spiral staircase leads to the top floor with two bedrooms, and a gallery allows visual relationships to the hall on the ground floor. The client loves the idea of diving into his new outdoor swimming pool from the upper terrace.

tivoli housing
Competition entry at OFA. Runner-up prize for the realisation of a block-defining structure within a master plan for a new quarter in the city of Innsbruck. Council housing with 150 flats of two to four rooms with an expanse of 50 to 80 sqm. The block of flats is acutely urban. An individualised cadenced structuring of the exterior facade provides the right reference of scale. It was important that each flat had a generous layout and a direct relationship with the outside.

schwanthaler housing
Competition entry at Lauber+Zottmann. A multi-residential development of 6000 sqm (25% subsidised housing) according to a strict matrix of apartment types and sizes. Further restrictions demanded that the building boundary was adhered to, which meant that the volume had to join the neighbouring building in the centre of its fire wall. Six staircases located in the centre of the building freed up the entire facade and enabled bathrooms to have an outside wall.A stack of balconies of steel and timber created a vertical garden, thus disguising the join between the two buildings.